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Kingston HyperX Savage SSD 240GB SATA3


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SIZE 2.5 
KIND Internal 
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The HyperX® Savage solid state drive offers extreme performance for extreme users. It is the fastest SATA HyperX SSD, and it works with a Phison S10 8-channel, quad-core controller that offers incredible speeds of up to 560MB / s of reading and 530MB / s of writing, with up to 100000/89000 I / O operations of Read / write per second. The result is a multitasking system with a high response capacity and faster in general, which maintains performance even when the unit is filled.

Thanks to its low profile and its slim 7mm form factor, HyperX Savage SSD can be used on most laptops, desktops and HTPC systems. It stands out thanks to its exclusive design with multiple facets and high quality red aluminum and steel casing, which complements the latest PC hardware. The HyperX Savage SSD is 100% factory tested and backed by a three-year warranty, free technical support and one? legendary reliability.


  • Performance  Amazing speeds to increase productivity
  • Exclusive design  Impressive red case to beautify the latest PC hardware
  • Thin  7mm thick to fit most desktops and laptops
  • Guaranteed  three years warranty and free technical support


  • 2.5 "form factor
  • SATA Rev. 3.0 (6GB / s) interface compatible with SATA Rev. 2.0 (3Gb / s)
  • 240GB capacity
  • Phison PS3110-S10 controller
  • Reference performance
    • Transfer of compressible data (ATTO)
      • 240GB: 560MB / s read and 530MB / s write
    • Incompressible data transfer (AS-SSD and CrystalDiskMark)
      • 240GB: 520MB / s read and 510MB / write
    • IOMETER test of 4000 random readings / writes per second maximum
      • 240GB: up to 100,000/89,000 I / O operations per second
    • 4000 random readings / writes per second
      • 240GB: up to 93,000/89,000 I / O operations per second
    • PCMARK® Vantage HDD Suite test score
      • 240GB - 84000
    • PCMARK® 8 storage bandwidth
      • 240GB - 223MB / s
    • PCMARK® 8 storage score
      • 240GB— 4940
    • Total Anvil score (incompressible workload)
      • 240GB— 4700
  • Power consumption 0.39W at rest / 0.5W average / 1.4W (MAX.) Reading / 4.35W (MAX.) Write
  • Storage temperature -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C
  • Operating temperature 0 ° C ~ 70 ° C
  • Measures 100mm? ×? 69.9mm? ×? 7mm
  • Weight 96g
  • Vibration in operation 2.17G peak (7-800Hz)
  • Vibration not working 20G peak (10-2000Hz)
  • Lifetime 1 million MTBF hours
  • Total written bytes (TBW) 3
    • 240GB: 306TB 1.19 DWPD4
0.80 kg
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