Adata Ultimate SSD SU800 512GB SATA3 - pcpromaroc
Adata Ultimate SSD SU800 512GB SATA3 - pcpromaroc
Adata Ultimate SSD SU800 512GB SATA3 - pcpromaroc Adata Ultimate SSD SU800 512GB SATA3 - pcpromaroc Adata Ultimate SSD SU800 512GB SATA3 - pcpromaroc Adata Ultimate SSD SU800 512GB SATA3 - pcpromaroc Adata Ultimate SSD SU800 512GB SATA3 - pcpromaroc

Disque dure Adata Ultimate SSD SU800 512GB SATA3

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The solid state SU800 disc lives up to its Ultimate name with 3D NAND Flash that provides higher storage density, efficiency and reliability than the traditional 2D NAND. It includes smart SLC cache and a buffer with DRAM cache to further increase read / write performance. With LDPC ECC and technologies such as TBW (total written bytes) and DEVSLP (suspended device), the Ultimate SU800 instantly updates laptops and desktop PCs with superior stability, durability and energy efficiency. In addition, users can download ADATA proprietary software such as SSD Toolbox and the migration utility for free to facilitate data management and migration.

New generation 3D Flash NAND

Including the advanced 3D NAND Flash, the Ultimate SU800 has large storage capacities, greater efficiency and reliability and a better value for money never seen. The Ultimate SU800 reaches read / write speeds of 560MB / s and 520MB / s to speed up the PC.

High capacity and high TBW

Thanks to the flexibility of the NAND 3D, we can offer the Ultimate SU800 in various capacities, ranging from 128GB to 1TB. You will have more options according to your needs, either for an operating system boot drive or a mass storage unit. All Ultimate SU800 models provide a high TBW (total written bytes), that is, the number of times an SSD can write its full capacity in its lifetime. The TBW index of the Ultimate SU800 exceeds that of similar models, being a more durable SSD.

Smart SLC cache and DRAM cache buffer

The intelligent SLC cache algorithm allows NAND Flash memory to operate in single-level cell mode and increases read / write performance. In addition, being compatible with DRAM cache buffer, read / write performance can be twice as strong as solid state drives without DRAM cache, in other words, they cannot use system memory as an SSD buffer for tasks. great intensity

Advanced LDPC ECC engine

The low density parity check error correction code has been implemented in the Ultimate SU800, leading to a drastic reduction of data errors and an equal increase in data integrity. Therefore, it protects your precious content against data corruption to a much greater extent than SSDs without ECCs or even SSDs that use basic BCH error correction.

RAID and Data Shaping engine for added protection

Compatible with the RAID and Data Shaping engine, the Ultimate SU800 ensures data integrity and offers longer SSD durability for better stability, more durability and reversed amortization.

Outperform HDDs with massive performance improvements

Using high quality materials and advanced technologies, the Ultimate SU800 outperforms traditional hard drives (HDD) by a great deal, particularly improving boot and search time, also offering much faster read / write.

Lower energy consumption, longer battery life

The Ultimate SU800 supports DEVSLP (suspension device) technology for better energy efficiency. This translates into lower electrical cost and longer battery life. Compared to traditional hard drives, the Ultimate SU800 consumes only 8% of power in idle mode and 80% less energy during normal operation. For users who often travel or go on business, the Ulltimate SU800 is a great partner with great mobility and energy saving capacity in laptop batteries.

Patented Software - SSD Toolbox and Migration Utility

Each purchase of an Ultimate SU800 offers the free download of SSD Toolbox and the ADATA migration utility. SSD Toolbox allows users to control and manage the Ultimate SU800, with the status of the unit, level of use and life information. The data migration utilities are especially useful for users who switch from HDD to SSD, since they are designed for a simple and fast backup and migration of the contents of complete units, including the operating system.

For laptops and desktops

At only 7mm thick, the Ultimate SU800 fits perfectly in ultrabooks. A 2.5mm spacer is included for use in 9.5mm disk bays, allowing for compatibility with almost all laptops and desktops.

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