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WD Black 500GB 7200RPM SATA3

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SIZE 2.5 
KIND Internal 
RPM 7200 

We present the WD Black, a 2.5-inch hard drive with 500GB capacity. A real machine for your computer. Sophisticated and advanced performance features provide the speed you need for demanding applications such as photo and video editing or Internet games.

No waivers

High performance, high capacity, high reliability and advanced technology to make the WD Black the ideal disc for those who demand only the best.


WD Black hard drives combine a high-performance rotation speed at 7,200 RPM, 16 MB cache and 6 GB / s SATA connection to deliver the ultimate in computing power.

High performance electronic product

WD Black discs incorporate a dual processor and a larger and faster dynamic cache to achieve maximum read and write speeds.

Dual processor

Double processing power to maximize performance.

Robust mechanical architecture

Improved reliability helps protect the disk and stored data.

NoTouch Ramp Loading Technology

The recording head never touches the surface of the disc, which generates significantly less wear on the recording head and the stand, as well as better protection of the disc when transported.

Easy update

Acronis True Image, available as a download on the WD Support website, allows you to copy all the data to a new disk so that it is not necessary to reinstall the operating system to have all the advantages of a new disk.

Dynamic cache

The WD dynamic cache algorithm improves real-time performance by optimizing cache allocation between readings and writes. For example, if there is an excessive percentage of read traffic as opposed to write traffic, the unit automatically allocates more data reading cache, which reduces congestion and improves overall disk performance.


  • general
    • SATA connections at 6Gb / s
    • Number of user sectors per disk 976,773,168
    • 2.5 inch format
    • Advanced format
    • RoH compliant
  • performance
    • Data transfer rate (Connection speed) 6 Gb / s
    • Cache (MB) 32
    • Rotation speed (rpm) 7200
    • Average unit preparation time (seconds) 3.8
  • Reliability / data integrity
    • 600,000 upload / download cycles
    • Read errors not recoverable by bits read <1 in 10
  • Power management
    • 5 V DC ± 10% (A, peak) 1.15
    • Requirements for average energy consumption (W)
      • Read / write 1.75
      • Inactive 0.8
      • Standby / hibernate 0.2
  • Environmental specifications
    • Operating Temperature from 0 to 60 Cº
    • Non-Operating Temperature from -40 to 65
    • Operating Impact (2ms) (Gs) 350
    • Impact not working (2ms) (Gs) 1,000
    • Inactive Acoustics 28 dBA
    • Acoustics Search 28 dBA
  • Physical dimensions
    • Height x Length x Width 9.50 x 100.20 x 69.85mm
    • Weight 0.915kg
0.80 kg
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