Seagate IronWolf NAS 1TB SATA3 - pcpromaroc
Seagate IronWolf NAS 1TB SATA3 - pcpromaroc
Seagate IronWolf NAS 1TB SATA3 - pcpromaroc Seagate IronWolf NAS 1TB SATA3 - pcpromaroc Seagate IronWolf NAS 1TB SATA3 - pcpromaroc Seagate IronWolf NAS 1TB SATA3 - pcpromaroc Seagate IronWolf NAS 1TB SATA3 - pcpromaroc

Disque dure Seagate IronWolf NAS 1TB SATA3

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SIZE 3.5 
KIND Internal 
RPM 5900 

The Seagate IronWolf units, resistant, prepared and scalable, are optimized for NAS housings in domestic applications, small offices / domestic offices, creative professionals and SMEs. IronWolf units are optimized with AgileArray technology and rotary vibration (RV) sensors to improve performance and for multi-unit systems.

AgileArray and the power of IronWolf for your NAS

IronWolf is built with AgileArray. Optimized with NAS to offer the best possible experience, AgileArray focuses on drive balancing, RAID optimization and energy management.

  • Dual-plane balancing and rotary vibration (RV) sensors in 6 TB, 8 TB and 10 TB capacities mitigate vibrations in multi-bay NAS enclosures to provide consistent performance and reliability.
  • RAID optimization increases performance and reliability with error recovery control to provide greater data integrity.
  • Advanced energy management translates into savings; It supplies power when NAS needs it most.

Achieve more with multi-user technology

Achieve more with NAS technology for multiple users. By facilitating operational loads of up to 180 TB / year on IronWolf, multiple users can upload and download data to a NAS server with full confidence. IronWolf favors the creative professional or small business.

Deploy your creativity anywhere with IronWolf and your NAS

The storage expandability allows you and your creative business to keep up. IronWolf is a great companion for your 24-hour remote access NAS, backup and file sharing from anywhere, making it easy to share ideas. IronWolf is designed to meet the challenges of NAS expansion capacity in developing agencies and the need for more storage.

Expand your NAS company

A small flourishing business needs storage that can flourish with it. IronWolf is optimized for NAS in multiple RAID environments that manage both vibration and a high workload rate of users in a busy traffic data network. Introducing IronWolf technology for multiple users, offering up to 180 TB per year.

Play more with NAS equipped with IronWolf

Modern video game consoles have acquired an additional function as home servers for multimedia files. However, the limited amount of storage makes saving files locally a challenge. Those who enjoy video games can transfer music and videos to the NAS equipped with IronWolf and use it as a storage destination and for the transmission of multimedia content. Make the most of your console. With capacities between 1TB and 10TB, you can stream all the content you want from your NAS to the video game console and watch it in high definition on your TV.

Master the multimedia files

Create your own home empire of multimedia content on NAS with IronWolf hard drives. IronWolf is number one in its class for its storage capacity in units up to 10TB and the performance needed to manage high-definition content on NAS. Store thousands of movies in high definition and even more photos on your private server. See it as your own home cloud.

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