Revoltec Pipe Tower PRO (RK005) - LGA775 / AM2 - 130W
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Revoltec Pipe Tower PRO (RK005) - LGA775 / AM2 - 130W

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FAN 1 x 120 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 775,754,939,940, AMD2 

The Revoltec microprocessor coolers are designed with all kinds of details taking advantage of the latest dissipation techniques.

Pipe Tower Pro is the latest technology to get the best dissipation results.

No more intermediate plates where the efficacy of heat-pipe tubes is diluted. The heat is transferred directly to the fast-absorbing aluminum sheets where a 12mm fan will dissipate it quickly and quietly, thanks to its Hydraulic Bearing bearing technology.

Its copper base and the support of HeatPie Direct Touch technology, which has been proven to be the most efficient, make this cooler an excellent reference if what we intend to achieve is the greatest air dissipation with the lowest sound level.

With the new coolers, Revoltec is able to compete with the best.

highlight ... * HeatPipe Direct Touch.
* Long lasting bearing system.
* Low noise level.
* Blue LEDs.

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