Projector Acer S1283HNE
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Projector Acer S1283HNE

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LUMENS 3100 
RESOLUTION 1024 x 768 

The new projectors of the Acer S1 series support the use of Acer SmartPen 2, a device developed for interactive learning and, therefore, fit perfectly into the educational environment.

SmartPen allows you to control the presentations of form and the spokesperson draw, write and make sketches on the screen. With multi-pen support, audience members could even join and contribute to the learning experience at any time.

The new S1 series includes the S1383WHne, S1283Hne and S1283e models. All of these projectors are within the short range category, which means they can be located at a very short distance from the projection screen (minimum of 1 meter) and still project large images (from 80 inches to 1 meter, up to 150 inch

The Acer S1 projectors incorporate WXGA and XGA resolutions with an aspect ratio of 16:10 or 4: 3 and Acer ColorBoost II + and ColorSafe technologies that offer a crystal-clear, rich-in-detail image and faithful color fidelity. In addition, these projectors are DLP 3D Ready, allowing a 3D cinema experience. S1383WHne and S1283Hne [i] also includes an HDMI connection, which opens up a whole range of projection possibilities.

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