NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc
NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 - pcpromaroc

NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0

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Nox introduces Hummer ZX, the new model that adds to the successful Hummer series, composed of high performance products for the most demanding.

Hummer ZX is a semi-standard chassis with multiple storage options and a complete ventilation system, where you can install all components in an orderly manner, without sacrificing design or space.

  • Insulated compartment for the source and hard drives for optimal cooling performance?
  • Acrylic side window
  • Speed ​​controller for up to 5 fans
  • Great option for liquid cooling systems?
  • Includes 3 120mm fans
  • USB 3.0 high speed connection
  • Excellent system for ordering cables?
  • Dust filters
  • Space to install up to 5 fans
  • Compatible with large graphics
Elegant design

Hummer ZX has an elegant aluminum front with low resistance metal grille, which guarantees a  quiet and efficient performance , allowing a large flow of air into the equipment to keep all components well cooled.

Its clean-line design encompasses ample space to accommodate  high-performance components , as well as advanced cooling systems to reach the greatest potential of all components.

The  acrylic window  that incorporates will allow you to see all the components inside the equipment.

Easy access

On the top panel are two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports, as well as audio connections. In addition, it has  two speed  controllers to control up to five fans inside, thanks to which, we can regulate the speed of these in three positions: LOW / STOP / HIGH.

Ventilation system

Hummer ZX has been designed so that the air flow inside the equipment is optimal. It has three pre-installed 120mm fans , two on the front and one on the back. In addition, it is possible to install two additional 120mm fans on the top.

It has a  compartment at the bottom to locate the PSU and hard drives, so that the heat released by them, is not transferred to other components.

Thanks to the grille of the front and the fans, the cold air flow will enter directly inside to cool the graphic and the rest of the components. The arrangement of the PSU and the rear fan will help to  expel all the heat to the outside , allowing an effective air flow.

Cooling options

A high-performance equipment requires superior cooling, which allows the functioning of all components to be maintained in perfect condition, so Hummer ZX offers the possibility of  housing liquid cooling systems inside , since it incorporates among other hollow details passes tubes .

Hummer ZX has space to  mount 3 radiators , one front of 120/240 mm, one superior of 120/240 mm and one rear of 120 mm, so it offers infinite combinations to house a superior cooling system.

Wiring management

Thanks to the large side for the management of the wiring, after the base plate, it is possible to make a  clean and tidy assembly , so that nothing influences the air circulation.

Inside Hummer ZX it is possible to install large graphics, up to 415 mm  and has 7 expansion slots. In addition, it allows to accommodate coolers of a maximum height of 160 mm.

Large storage capacity

Hummer ZX has space to install  up to 7 storage units , as it has two external 5.25 "bays and capacity for five more units inside, two 3.5" at the bottom and three 2.5 "SSDs at the sides .

This particularity of Hummer ZX allows three SSDs to be installed on the side panel of the chassis , behind the base plate, which makes better use of the interior space and helps  improve air flow.  In addition, it is possible to take advantage of the lower 3.5 "bays by installing a 2.5" SSD sideways instead.

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