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Nox Hummer MC USB 3.0 Zero Edition White

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BOX FORMAT Semitorre 

Hummer MC is the most special chassis in the entire catalog of the brand, a semitorre with 7  different LED lighting colors  in a single chassis. Available in black and white with a large side window that will allow you to see the entire interior of the PC with all the components illuminated by the LEDs it incorporates.


  • LED lighting with 7 different colors
  • Various modes of light effects
  • Insulated compartment for power supply and HDD
  • Transparent side window
  • Two speed controllers for up to 4 fans with three positions (LOW / STOP / HIGH)
  • Great option for liquid cooling systems
  • Includes 2 120mm fans
  • USB 3.0 high speed connection
  • Glossy finish on the front panel
  • Magnetic dust filter on upper panel
  • Excellent system for ordering cables
  • Space to install up to 7 fans
  • Compatible with large graphics

Access and front panel

The top panel of Hummer MC has two USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port, as well as audio connections. In addition, it includes two speed controllers to control up to four indoor fans, thanks to which, we can regulate the speed of these in three positions: LOW / STOP / HIGH.


If something makes Hummer MC special is its lighting. This peculiar chassis has an LED strip around its front panel and another interior to illuminate the line that runs along the entire front. On the other hand, it includes two more strips on the side, at the top and bottom of the window. 

In addition, it is possible to configure the lighting in 3 different modes:

  • Breathing Effect: Transition of all colors at low speed.
  • Cycle Color: The colors will change and alternate intermittently.
  • Fixed Color: We can select which color we want to set among the 7 available.

All this is possible to configure it through the button that incorporates in the upper panel next to the speed controllers.

Ventilation system

Hummer MC has an excellent ventilation system, which guarantees an effective air flow inside the equipment. It includes two pre-installed 120mm fans, one on the front and one on the back. Additionally, it offers the possibility of installing three fans over 120 mm; two on the front and one on the top.

It has a compartment at the bottom to locate the PSU and the HDD, so that the heat given off by them, is not transferred to the rest of the components. In addition, this compartment has the possibility of installing two 120 mm fans in its upper part to extract the heat generated by the PSU and the HDD.

In its upper panel it has a magnetized dust filter, which in addition to helping us keep the equipment clean, will help to expel heat from the inside out to maintain an excellent air flow.


Hummer MC has an elegant design, like all the boxes in the series, with the particularity that its front has been designed with glossy finish in the white model and rubber in the black. Another detail that together with the LEDs, make it a very special chassis.

The acrylic window that incorporates on the side will allow you to have a perfect view of the interior of the equipment and all its components and thanks to the LED strips of its upper and lower part we will not miss any detail since the entire interior of the PC will be illuminated.

Refrigeration system

A high-performance equipment requires superior cooling, which allows the operation of all the components in perfect condition, so Hummer MC offers the possibility of housing liquid cooling systems inside.

Hummer MC has space to mount 3 radiators, one front 120/240 mm, one upper 120 mm and one rear 120 mm, so it offers endless combinations to house a superior cooling system.

Thanks to the side for wiring management, it is possible to perform a clean and tidy assembly behind the base plate, so that nothing influences the air circulation.

Storage capacity

Hummer MC offers multiple configuration options inside, being possible to accommodate graphics up to 380 mm and coolers with a maximum height of 161 mm. As for storage, it has space for two 3.5 "HDDs on the bottom and two 2.5" SDDs on the side.

7 kg

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