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Apple Macbook Pro Core i9 16GB 1TB SSD Pro 5500M 16 "Silver

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Apple Macbook Pro Core i9 16GB 1TB SSD Pro 5500M 16 "Silver

Apple Macbook Pro Core i9 16GB 1TB SSD Pro 5500M 16 "Silver

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Dedicated to those who challenge the limits. To the creators. The new MacBook Pro is by far our most powerful laptop. It releases the huge 16-inch Retina display, ultra-fast processors, state-of-the-art graphics, greater autonomy in a MacBook Pro, a revamped Magic Keyboard and brutal storage capacity. The definitive laptop arrives for the most demanding professionals. And it can't be bigger.


  • Retina display. The perfect space for bright ideas. The new MacBook Pro includes a spectacular 16-inch Retina display. In fact, it is the largest Retina display that a Mac laptop has had. With 500 nits of brightness it achieves extraordinary points of light and white and, thanks to the precise alignment of the liquid crystal molecules, it shows you intense blacks. In addition, the wide color range (P3) fills your photos and videos with realism. So it doesn't matter where you are, because your work will shine with its own light everywhere.
  • Processor and memory at the speed of your imagination. The 16-inch MacBook Pro redefines the concept of performance. Thanks to its more advanced thermal design, the Intel Core processor with up to eight cores and 16 threads maintains higher performance for longer and offers up to 2.1 times more power than the quad-core processor. Combine dozens of tracks and effects, render 3D models or compile and test code in a seen and unseen.
  • Graphics. The power to transform reality. The AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series GPU offers the greatest graphics power ever seen on a MacBook Pro. With the basic configuration, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is more than twice as fast as the equivalent model of the previous generation. That's why Ultra HD video playback goes smoothly and rendering is more agile. And with the optional 8 GB of VRAM GDDR6 memory, you will have up to 80% more performance than with the Radeon Pro Vega 20 in processes such as color grading in DaVinci Resolve.
  • Keyboard. A tool full of magic. The 16-inch MacBook Pro takes productivity to another level. Its new Magic Keyboard hides a perfected scissor mechanism with a 1 mm travel so you can type with comfort and precision, and make less noise when typing. The Touch Bar puts you on the tray the most useful shortcuts, and with Touch ID you just have to move a finger to identify yourself. The Escape key allows you to toggle between different modes and views as if nothing. And with the inverted T-shaped arrow keys you can easily move through lines of code, spreadsheets or games.
  • Audio. More power in the bass. More clarity in the micros. The MacBook Pro makes itself heard. Its six-speaker system produces a wide and surround stereo sound never heard on a laptop. The two bass speakers with force cancellation greatly reduce system vibrations to achieve a cleaner sound and lower half octave bass. In addition, the set of three studio-quality microphones has nothing to envy to the professional microphones of other brands: it allows you to record podcasts or music with absolute clarity anywhere.
  • Autonomy. A battery to forget about batteries. The 16-inch MacBook Pro encloses the largest capacity battery a Mac laptop has ever had. The 100-watt lithium polymer battery not only feeds a larger screen and increases the maximum sustained power, but gives you more autonomy: Up to 11 hours of wireless web browsing and video playback. You can work as long as you need without being aware of the plug.
  • Apple T2 Security Chip. The next thing in security. All MacBook Pro comes with Apple's T2 Security, a second-generation silicon chip designed to fit the Mac. This chip improves MacBook Pro security with a Secure Enclave coprocessor that is responsible for Touch ID and is used in Secure boot and encrypted storage functions. In addition, it integrates a large number of independent controllers, such as system management or audio and SSD controllers.
  • Thunderbolt 3. The most powerful and versatile port there is. Thunderbolt 3 combines its incredible bandwidth with the versatility of the USB? C standard to create a universal port that reaches speeds of up to 40 Gb / s. It offers data transfer, upload and video output on a single connector with twice the bandwidth as the previous generation. The MacBook Pro has two ports on each side so you can choose the one that best suits you at all times. In addition, you can easily connect your devices with a cable or adapter. And it doesn't matter how you put it, because the Thunderbolt 3 port is reversible. You will always be right.
  • Processor  Intel Core i9 eight - core 2.3 GHz (4.8 GHz up with Turbo Boost)
  • RAM  16 GB of integrated DDR4 memory at 2,666 MHz
  •  1 TB SSD hard drive
  • Optical storage  DOES NOT HAVE
  • Display  16-inch (diagonal) LED Retina display with IPS technology; Native resolution of 3,072 by 1,920 to 226 pixels per inch compatible with millions of colors
  • Graphics controller  AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 4 GB of memory and automatic GDDR6 graphics processor
  • Connectivity
    • 802.11ac WiFi
    • Bluetooth V5
  • Laptop camera  yes
  • Microphone  Yes
  • Battery  Built-in 100 watt hour lithium polymer battery
  • Connections
    • 4 x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C)
  • MacOS operating system 
  • Dimensions  35.79 x 24.59 x 1.62 cm
  • Weight  2 Kg
  •  Silver Color

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