Zalman CNPS 5X Performa
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Zalman CNPS 5X Performa

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FAN 1 x 92 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 755,1155 / 1150 / 1151,1156,754,939,940, AMD2, AMD2 +, AM3, AM3 +, FM1, FM2 

Zalman CNPS 5X Performa, is a CPU cooler manufactured with copper base and aluminum foils, with a powerful cooling performance.

Designed with 3 copper heatp-pipes and aluminum fins, to expel hot air more quickly.

It includes an ultra-quiet 92mm fan with FSB bearings, with PWM function that will automatically adjust the fan speed according to the CPU temperature. The speed of rotation will be adjusted between 1400 and 2800RPM, so that the sound level can vary between 20 and 32dBA.

Zalman CNPS 5X Perfoma is compatible with a wide range of sockets: AMD FM2, FM1, AM3 +, AM3, AM2 +, AM2, 940, 939 and 754. Intel 1156, 1155 and 775.

It includes the Zalman STG2M thermal paste that maximizes heat transfer from the CPU to the heatsink base for maximum cooling performance.

We highlight ...
* Base of the all-copper heatsink.
* 3 Heat-piles and aluminum sheets.
* Includes 92mm ultra quiet fan.
* Valid with the maximum socket number, especially with AMD in its already obsolete sockets such as 754 and 939
* Extremely simple assembly.
* Includes a Zalman STG2M thermal pasta bag.

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