Xigmatek HDT-S983 Nepartak
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Xigmatek HDT-S983 Nepartak

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FAN 1 x 135 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 775,1366,754,939,940, AMD2 

The HDT-S983 “Nepartak” is designed using the latest technologies to obtain surprising results.

It uses the "Heatpipe Direct Touch" technology, where the 8mm dissipation tubes are in direct contact with the processor. These tubes directly carry the heat produced by the CPU to the aluminum foils.

The design and distribution of the sheets has been improved to, occupying practically the same space, have more dissipation surface and therefore, improve their performance.

Thanks to its design and variable speed setting, we will obtain the highest air flow from this fan, with a minimum sound level.

In addition the efficiency in the sound level has been improved, since the fan is attached to the base by means of a new anti-vibration system.

We highlight ...
* New design of sheets
* Heatpipe Direct Touch technology.
* High air flow.
* Low noise level.
* PWM function.

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