Xigmatek HDT-D982 Durin Low Profile
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Xigmatek HDT-D982 Durin Low Profile

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FAN 1 x 90 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 775,1156,1366 

HDT-D982 "Durin" is the first low-profile cooler to use the "Heatpipe Direct Touch" technology.

It has two 8mm tubes that are in direct contact with the processor.

It employs a new patented technique to fix the aluminum dissipation block to the HDT tubes. This allows you to not need to use a copper base, getting a lighter heatsink and yet with better performance.

Thanks to its design and variable speed setting, we will obtain the highest air flow from this fan, with a minimum sound level.

In addition the efficiency in the sound level has been improved, since the fan is fastened to the base by means of a new anti-vibration system.

highlight ... * Heatpipe Direct Touch technology.
* 2 HeatPipes.
* High air flow.
* Low noise level.
* PWM function.

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