XSPC Universal Side Panels Cooling for RAM (2 pcs) - pcpromaroc
XSPC Universal Side Panels Cooling for RAM (2 pcs) - pcpromaroc

XSPC Universal Side Panels Cooling for RAM (2 pcs)

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XSPC Universal Side Panels Cooling for RAM (2 pcs)

XSPC Universal Side Panels Cooling for RAM (2 pcs)

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From England, XSPC offers us everything that surrounds the theme of water cooling, the product range of high quality parts for pumps and radiators in blocks and water tanks to connections and hoses.

With the increase in clock speeds and the demand for cold is increasing in memory, so now almost all manufacturers have already been put into heat sink delivery status. But you also want to squeeze out of your memory the last drop stroke, or just appreciate an individual look, however, they are the most efficient cooling solutions, such as water cooling, with specialists like XSPC.

This XSPC side plate kit, it is possible to cool the RAM more efficiently and to integrate into an existing water cooling circuit. There are a total of two and surrounding anodized aluminum cooling blocks supplied, one of which includes a RAM module each. Above, it is threaded so that a matching XSPC cooling block (WAHE-074) can be screwed.

For this, it is necessary that the test is taken in the RAM modules in order to soften the water coolers. Then, the heat of the DDR DIMM, the chips will be delivered directly to the cooling blocks.

Note: To use the adapter plates, any existing original heat sink must be removed from being cooled RAM module, which is associated with the loss of warranty. For operation, the use of heat sinking corresponding XSPC is essential.


  • Material: anodized aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Side Plates Size: 125 x 7.1 x 36 mm (W x H x D)
  • RAM, compatible:
  • All types of (DDR) SDRAM (DDR / DDR2 / DDR3) with memory chips on both sides of the PCB (on both sides)
  • Support single-sided RAM (not supplied) to the amount of non-existing memory chips to be compensated only with optional thermal pads with a thickness of 1.5 mm on one side of the PCB
  • Scope of supply:
  • 2x side plates
  • Thermal pads for double-sided memory modules
  • Allen wrench and screws
2 kg

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