WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS 8TB - pcpromaroc
WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS 8TB - pcpromaroc
WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS 8TB - pcpromaroc WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS 8TB - pcpromaroc WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS 8TB - pcpromaroc WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS 8TB - pcpromaroc WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS 8TB - pcpromaroc WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS 8TB - pcpromaroc

WD My Cloud EX4100 NAS 8TB

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SIZE 3.5 
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Save all your valuable videos, photos, music and other files in this high-performance, ready-to-use NAS solution that offers secure access anytime, anywhere. Protect your content with several backup options, customize your NAS with a full range of applications and have the peace of mind that we have manufactured the best product so you can save your most precious content.


  • Centralize your content and multimedia files safely in one place 
    Whether creativity is your hobby, your profession or has an impressive multimedia collection, it sure has hundreds of digital content to store. With the NAS device My Cloud Expert Series, you can easily centralize and protect the valuable contents of all Windows and Mac computers in your network. In addition, you can access anywhere, anytime with tablets and smartphones.
  • Get the power you need to keep up with your creativity 
    Equipped with a powerful Marvell® ARMADA® 388 dual-core 1.6 GHz processor, My Cloud EX4100 provides ultra-fast transfer speeds of 116 MB / s upload and 116 MB / It's down to meet your high performance needs. Now you can upload more content simultaneously, stream your HD multimedia collection smoothly and enjoy your creative life with ease.
  • Stream like professionals 
    Thanks to the DLNA-certified Twonky media server, you can stream all your HD videos, photos and music stored on your My Cloud Expert Series NAS device to media players, smart TVs, game consoles and other DLNA certified devices. Or use the Plex multimedia server application to organize and stream your multimedia content to all your screens.
  • Safeguard your contents with complete data protection options 
    My Cloud EX4100 protects your valuable photos, videos and files with various data protection options to safeguard the contents in case of an unexpected loss. Protect all Windows and Mac computers on your network through local, remote or cloud backups. Various RAID configurations and volume encryption add protection and security for all your files.
  • Be ready and running in a few minutes 
    My Cloud EX4100 is preconfigured so you can install it and start working in a few minutes. The intuitive control panel guides you through the process to configure users and shares, customize system features and monitor disks. And the design of compartments without trays that does not require tools allows to install and replace hot disks easily.
  • Built-in reliability for peace of mind 
    The pre-configured NAS device My Cloud Expert Series includes WD Red hard drives for NAS already installed. These disks are specifically designed for NAS systems, so they improve their performance and are suitable for environments that operate 24x7. 
    WD's exclusive NASware ™ technology further optimizes WD Red drives in NAS environments. With improvements such as vibration compensation, optimized energy use and content protection in the event of a power loss, the firmware is designed to increase the reliability and performance of the system.
  • Better multimedia content transmission and network redundancy 
    The two Gigabit Ethernet ports for network link aggregation improve network performance and provide the best transmission of HD content. They also offer network redundancy in case one of the connections fails.
  • Redundant power supply 
    My Cloud EX4100 is equipped with two power ports that offer the option of adding a second external power supply that will act if the first fails, so you have uninterrupted access to its contents.
  • My Cloud OS: simple content management 
    WD's My Cloud OS software offers a range of tools and applications that allow you to control the contents that matter most to you. This control panel is intuitive and easy to use and allows you to configure, manage storage and customize your NAS effortlessly. Our award-winning My Cloud application allows you to securely access and share your files from anywhere using computers, smartphones and tablets. And thanks to popular applications from other vendors available for download, you can customize your NAS to suit your needs.
  • Copy your external USB drive automatically with the touch of a button 
    With the one-touch copy button built into the front of the NAS, you can automatically copy all photos, videos and music saved to an external USB drive or camera to the My Cloud EX4100 , to keep all your files and multimedia content in one place.
  • Save energy automatically 
    My Cloud EX4100 includes a disk standby mode, status indicator light and programmed on / off to save and better manage energy.


  • Connections Interface
    • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • Two power supplies (DC input)
    • Two rear USB 3.0 expansion ports
    • A front USB 3.0 port with direct copy
  • Disk compartments
    • 4 compartments for 3.5-inch hard drives, hot replacement, trayless design
  • Internal hard drives
    • Capacity 8 TB 
  • Processor
    • Marvell® ARMADA® 388 dual-core 1.6 GHz
  • Memory
    • 2GB DDR3
  • System Requirements
    • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (SP3) operating systems
    • Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard or Mavericks operating systems
    • DLNA / UPnP devices for transmission
    • Internet connection for remote access
  • Internet browsers supported
    • Internet Explorer 8 or later
    • Safari 6 or later
    • Firefox 21 or later
    • Google Chrome 27 and later on compatible Windows and Mac platforms
  • Network protocols
    • DHCP IP client or static
    • NTP client
    • Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
    • Apple Bonjour and Windows Rally
    • Compatibility with giant frames up to 9K
    • VLAN (802.1Q)
    • Link aggregation (802.1ad) / Ethernet support and failover on both Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • UPnP port redirection
    • IPv6
    • iSCSI
    • SSH
  • Network file services
    • Supported operating systems
      • Windows XP Home / Pro / 64 bit SP3 +
      • Windows Vista / 7/8 (all versions)
      • Mac OS X 10.6, Lion, Mountain Lion
    • CIFS / SMB for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
    • NFSv3 for Linux and UNIX
    • AFP for Mac OS X
    • Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS)
    • WebDAV server
  • Security
    • Active Directory compatible for Windows Server
    • Volume Encryption (256-bit AES)
  • File System
    • EXT4 for internal hard drives
    • Supports the following formats on externally connected USB drives
      • FAT / FAT32
      • NTFS (ability to read and write)
      • HFS + J (case sensitive)
      • Linux EXT2, EXT3, EXT4
  • FTP server
    • Port Configuration Support
    • Passive FTP port range support
    • Option to assign an external IP in passive mode
    • Language selection for the client computer
    • Anonymous FTP
    • Secure FTP support
    • Supports File Sharing Protocol (FXP)
    • FTP bandwidth restriction (upload / download)
    • IP address blocking (blocks access from an unwanted IP address)
  • Download Management
    • HTTP downloads from a URL to a specific NAS folder
    • FTP downloads of files and folders from an FTP server to other NAS files and folders
    • P2P download server manager
  • Disk Management
    • RAID: JBOD, concatenation, 0/1/5 10/5 + backup disk
    • RAID Migrations
      • JBOD to RAID 1
      • JBOD to RAID 5
      • RAID 1 to RAID 5
    • Hot replacement of discs
    • Backup disk (in four disc mode)
    • Disk roaming
    • Matrix roaming
  • Energy management
    • Acceleration and deceleration of the disk (includes directly connected WD disks)
    • Automatic power recovery (with UPS)
    • On and off programmed
    • Automatic shutdown with low UPS battery
    • Fan control
    • Network UPS
    • LAN activation
  • Remote access
    • Applications for My Cloud and WD Photos mobile devices
    • My Cloud desktop application
  • User / Group Management
    • Maximum number of users: 512 for Samba, 800 for ADS
    • Maximum number of user groups: 64 for Samba, 200 for ADS
    • Maximum number of network shares: Maximum number of network shares: 128
    • Maximum concurrent CIFS connections: 10
    • User / group allocation for network shares / FTP
    • Fees for groups or users
    • Assignment of users to several groups
    • Assignment of user batches to groups
    • Batch user creation
    • User import (delimited CSV format)
    • Group import (delimited CSV format)
  • LCD panel
    • 2 lines of 16 characters for status and alerts
  • Backup Management
    • Remote backups: My Cloud Expert Series to My Cloud Expert Series local or remote
    • Compatible with Apple Time Machine (10.5.8+)
    • Backup files or internal folders of the device to other files or folders on the NAS
    • Cloud-based backup services
    • Disk synchronization management for connected USB ports
  • System management
    • LCD screen information:
      • IP address of the connected server (and name)
      • Fan monitor
      • System temperature monitor
      • Disk monitor
      • Disk volume monitor
      • Ethernet connection monitor
      • Device Availability
      • Remaining capacity
      • Firmware version
    • System Status: Device Information
      • Use of external storage capacity
      • Used capacity divided by categories (video, photos and music)
    • Alert Notification
      • Event messages in the UI
      • UI Alerts (with required reading message)
      • Email Notification
      • Quick view of messages through pop-up windows
      • Red LED status light
    • Network Trash
      • Supports Windows CIFS
      • Supports Apple AFP
    • System registration / FTP (syslog client)
    • HTTP / S (web) administration interface (HTTP server)
    • Firmware update
    • Configuration backup and restore
    • SNMPv2
    • System information
      • CPU percentage
      • RAM consumption
      • Network performance in MB / s
  • USB port
    • Supports UPS supervision
    • Support external storage device
    • Supports MTP (Multimedia Content Transfer Protocol) and PTP (Image Transfer Protocol)
  • Media File Transfer
    • UPnP audio and video multimedia server (Twonky)
    • DLNA certification
    • Compatible with WD TV Live, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows 8, connected TVs, Blu-ray players and digital photo frames
    • ITunes server
  • supported ons
    • aMule: P2P file sharing application
    • Icecast: open source application to stream multimedia content
    • phpBB: application for Internet forums
    • Joomla !: content management system
    • SqueezeCenter: server to stream audio
    • phpMyAdmin: My SQL administration tool
    • WordPress: content management system and blogging tool
    • Transmission: BitTorrent client
    • ISCSI destination
      • CHAP authentication
      • iSNS (Internet Storage Name Service)
      • Up to 64 iSCSI destinations
    • Volume virtualization: The NAS can be configured as an iSCSI initiator and assign any iSCSI target of another device to act as a virtual volume
      • Virtual disks (using the iSCSI initiator)
      • The maximum number of virtual disks is eight (8)
  • Power supply
    • Input voltage: 100 V to 240 V AC
    • Input frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
    • Output voltage: 19V DC, up to 6.32 A
  • Temperature
    • Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 35 ° C (32 ° F to 95 ° F)
    • Non-operating temperature: -40 ° C to 70 ° C (-40 ° F to 158 ° F)
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