Thermalright Base IFX14
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Thermalright Base IFX14

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FAN Fanless 

Its ultra-modern design is the madness of those who are not satisfied with the maximum. It is worth paying attention to this product.

Compatible with Intel Socket 775 and AMD64 socket AM2. Optionally, kits for mounting in socket 939 are sold.

This heatsink is made up of two pieces, the main one is a traditional base and the second one is mounted to dissipate the heat from the lower part of the plate. According to the manufacturer it is designed to "dissipate the heat of hell."

One or TWO 120mm or 140mm fans can be added to the main piece and a 70mm or 80mm one can be added to the secondary.

The main piece has sheets welded to a base supported with FOUR 8mm heat-pipe tubes! It can be rotated 90º to take full advantage of the air flow of your equipment.

The secondary part has two flat heat-pipe tubes to be mounted on the back of the plate.

We highlight ...
* Modern and innovative design in two pieces.
* Benefits in refrigeration.
* Heat-pipe technology.

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