Silverstone FQ122 120x120x25 PWM Quiet
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Silverstone FQ122 120x120x25 PWM Quiet

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The Silverstone FQ122 represents a perfect balance between performance and low noise.

It has dimensions of 120x120x25mm, white and blue blades. It has a PWM function which allows the motherboard to control the fan speed and adjust it depending on the internal temperature of the PC. Its dual blades are tailor-made for better air pressure performance. All these features not only improve ventilation but also reduce the sound level.

The fan rotation speed will be automatically adjusted between 800 and 1500 RPM, generating an air flow between 37.8 and 63.8 CFM and a sound level between 14.5 and 24.9 dBA.

Integra PCF Bearing Bearings (Copper Fluid Powder Bearings), which will make the Silverstone FQ122 have a lifespan of 150,000 hours.

highlight ... * PWM fan 120x120x25mm.
* Adjustable speed: 800 ~ 1500 RPM.
* Optimum air flow and pressure with extremely quiet performance.
* Innovative blade design that concentrates air flow and optimizes efficiency.
* High air flow: 37.8 ~ 63.8 CFM.
* Low noise level: 14.5 ~ 24.9 dBA.
* Connection: 4-pin.

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