Silverstone FHP141 120x120x38 with 140x140 blades and integrated regulator
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Silverstone FHP141 120x120x38 with 140x140 blades and integrated regulator

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RPM MAX 2000 

Silverstone FHP141 is a box fan with great performance and exceptional performance.

Designed to be installed in space for 120mm fans but their blades reach a diameter of 140mm. The blades have been redesigned with a very curved shape and with a 38mm thick profile, which allows the FHP141 to achieve not only a high air flow but also a very high air pressure for its size.

The operation of the Silverstone FHP141 is adjustable thanks to an integrated switch that gives users the option of using the fan either in power mode (500 ~ 2000 rpm) or silent mode (500 ~ 1200 rpm).

In the cable we find two 4 Pin connectors, one to power the fan itself and another to connect another additional fan.

We highlight ...
* 120mm fan with 140mm blades.
* It has a PWM connection and allows to add another 4-pin PWM fan.
* High air pressure and lower noise with the design of giant blades.
* Dual ball bearing motor gives long duration.
* Operating mode adjustable by an integrated switch: normal or power mode (500 ~ 2000RPM) and silent mode (500 ~ 1200RPM).

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