Silverstone AP182 180x180x32 with controller
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Silverstone AP182 180x180x32 with controller

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RPM MAX 2000 

Silverstone AP182, is a new fan model of the Air Penetrator series, with a new design to channel the air flow even better and with a higher speed range, which make it the best choice for any application.

With white structure and blades, and dimensions of 180x180x32mm, it is one of the best fans on the market. It comes with an analog fan controller, which is installed in a rear slot, allowing precise adjustments from 500rpm to 2000rpm. To ensure that the AP182 can withstand a higher fan speed, double ball bearings are used to withstand long sessions of high performance.

The aim of the Air Penetrator design is to concentrate the air flow in a beam that can be channeled through various obstacles inside modern computer cases and thus achieve more efficient cooling.

highlight ... * 180x180x32mm fan, pioneer air duct in your field.
* Wider fan blades to reduce air resistance.
* Wide speed range with analog control: 500 ~ 2000rpm.
* Structure and white blades.
* Integrated air channeling grill that serves as protection for the fan and thus reduces the overall size.
* Exceptional air flow and range comparable to a domestic fan.
* Double ball bearings for longer life.
* 3-pin connection.

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