SilverStone Nitrogon Series NT06-Pro V2
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SilverStone Nitrogon Series NT06-Pro V2

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FAN 1 x 120 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 775,1155 / 1150 / 1151,1156,1366,2011, AM2, AM3, AM4, FM1, FM2 

The NT06-PRO is a completely redesigned heatsink based on the NT06-E. It has optimized dissipating fins welded to its 6mm thick copper heatpipes to provide more contact and produce a better heat dissipation efficiency rate.

A new compact 120mm PWM fan is included with an excellent balance of airflow and noise to achieve heat dissipation with forced air with the ability to cool components around the CPU area. For users who require high cooling performance with specific space requirements, the NT06-PRO is the best choice.



  • Copper base case material, heatpipes with aluminum fins
  • Intel Socket LGA775 / 1150/1151/1155/1156/1366/2011 application 
  • AMD Socket AM2 / AM3 / * AM4 / FM1 / FM2 
  • Heat pipe type 6 x 6mm thick heat pipes
  • 120mm x 120mm x 20mm fan cooling system
  • Bearing Sleeve Bearings
  • TDP Fanless CPU: 65W
  • 1 x 12020mm Fan: 95W
  • 1 x 12025mm Fan: 130W
  • 12020 + 12025 mm Fan: 150W
  • 700g net weight (with fan)
  • Rated voltage 12V
  • Initial voltage ≤9V
  • air flow 33.623 ~ 73.969CFM
  • Speed ​​1000 ~ 2200RPM with PWM
  • Half life 30,000 hours
  • Measures 140mm (width) x 82mm (height) x 139mm (length)

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