SilverStone AP121-GL Fan Green Light 120x120x25
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SilverStone AP121-GL Fan Green Light 120x120x25

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RPM MAX 1500 

Traditional computer fans are made to expel air, so for years, air flow was the most important factor in determining cooling efficiency since most fans are used to expel air.

However, as the positive air pressure gained importance in computer cooling technology, Silverstone created the Air Penetrator fan, designed specifically for fans intended for air intake, where the air flow factor is not a priority.

The aim of the Air Penetrator design is to concentrate the air flow in a beam that can be channeled through various obstacles inside modern computer cases and thus achieve more efficient cooling.

Compared to traditional fans, where the air flow opens and loses even more concentration with the added resistance (filters, fan protections, etc.), the unique design of the Air Penetrator blades and grille can create enough pressure as to push the air up to a meter away with a minimum fan speed and loudness.

This unmatched efficiency makes the Air Penetrator ideal not only as an input fan, but also perfect for high density radiators and heatsinks.

We highlight ...
* Fan with green light.
* Pioneer air duct fan in your field.
* Wide fan blades to reduce air resistance
Standard 120mm structure for maximum compatibility with CPU coolers.
* Integrated air channeling grill that serves as protection for the fan and thus reduces the overall size.
* Low power consumption.
* Dynamic fluid bearings.

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