Scythe Shogun
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Scythe Shogun

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FAN 1 x 120 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 478,775,754,939,940 

"Shogun" in Japanese means "general." It is the cooler of greater benefits of the manufacturer Scythe. It uses its proprietary technology: Heatlane.

TS Heatronic patented Heatlane technology offers higher performance than the popular Heat-Pipe.

Thanks to the combination of Heatlane technology with an ultra-quiet 120mm fan, the Shogun cooler manages to be one of the best performance air coolers in the world.

The Shogun cooler is compatible with socket 478/754/939/949 and with the new LGA775. All-in-one solution for integration into your PC.

It includes a fan with adjustable speed from the absolute silence of 700rpm (with 20.0dBA) to reach the benefits achieved with 1600rpm generating only 32.0dBA. Shogun can provide great performance with a low speed fan.

highlight ... * Heatlane technology.
* High performance.
* Universal compatibility.
* Low noise level.

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