Scythe Katana 3-solo-AMD
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Scythe Katana 3-solo-AMD

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FAN 1 x 92 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 754,939,940, AMD2, AMD2 +, AM3, AM3 +, FM1 

The long Japanese sword "Katana" is manufactured under unique conditions and with a manufacturing system that has come to perfection after a long process of improvement over the centuries. To this day, only a few blacksmith masters have the necessary knowledge to make katana.

Scythe's new CPU cooler, Katana 3, is also the result of a process of improvements that have been made since its predecessors Katana and Katana 2 and is its worthy successor.

The intelligent "VTMS" (Versatile Tool-Free Multiplatform System) mechanism from Scythe (patent pending) allows the Katana 3 cooler to be installed without using any type of tool.

Already integrated into the first Katana, the slightly curved shape of the Katana 3 allows direct heat transfer from the cooler cooling blades, and helps heat dissipation of the plate components.

The extra cooling pins that have been added to the base allow additional heat dissipation and optimize the overall performance of the cooler while maintaining the compact dimensions of the Katana 3 cooler.

Scythe's team of engineers has sought the perfect balance between price, silence and performance in the design of the Katana 3 cooler. All their efforts and knowledge have been invested in this cooler to achieve the best possible cooler with these premises.

We highlight ...
* Easy installation.
* Low noise level.
* High performance.

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