Scythe Grand Flex 120 PWM 600-2400rpm
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Scythe Grand Flex 120 PWM 600-2400rpm

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RPM MAX 2400 

Scythe Grand Flex PWM is the new creation of Scythe's professional fans, specially designed to maximize airflow.

The design of the blades has been improved to reduce turbulence and achieve a better air flow over the desired area, thus achieving optimization of cooling efficiency.

Scythe Grand Flex PWM, is manufactured with Sealed Precision FDB bearings a sealed system in which the shaft rotor works on an oil film, this technique reduces operating noise and friction, which in turn achieves less wear of the bearings

Scythe Grand Flex PWM has a fan rotation speed that automatically adjusts between 600 and 2400RPM, with an air flow between 24.2 and 96.8 CFM and a sound level between 13.5 and 34.5 dBA.

It includes rubber screws to prevent the transmission of possible vibrations to the PC case, which contributes to a quieter operation.

We highlight ...
* Professional 120mm PWM fan.
* New blade design that improves air flow.
* Sealed Precision FDB bearing system, reduces rotor friction and reduces wear.
* Low noise level: 13.5 ~ 34.5 dBA.
* High air flow: 24.2 ~ 96.8 CFM.
* Spinning speed: 800 ~ 2400RPM.
* Connection: 4-pin.

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