Revoltec Ventilator AirGuard PRO 80x80x25
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Revoltec Ventilator AirGuard PRO 80x80x25

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RPM MAX 1800 

"AirGuard PRO" series fans, the advanced fan that has it ALL.

The wiring is protected with black braided nylon.

It includes anti-vibration rubber for its assembly and a curious wiring that will allow you to choose the speed of rotation between three options.

The bearing system, Magnetic Barometric, is so particular, quiet and reliable (more than 120,000 hours of service life) that it will allow you to disassemble the fan into two parts to wash the rotor and blades separately.

Its structure is transparent in translucent gray and the blades are also transparent but in blue.

Take care of all the details, including the packaging, which consists of an elegant box with a lid that, when lifted, discovers the fan and shows us the installation images and features.

We highlight ...
* Advanced design of careful aesthetics.
* Magnetic Barometric bearings.
* Made with quality materials.
* Disassembly for cleaning.
* Choose three speeds of rotation.

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