Revoltec Freezer Tower universal
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Revoltec Freezer Tower universal

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FAN 1 x 80 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 775,754,939,940, AMD2 

The Revoltec microprocessor coolers are designed with all kinds of details taking advantage of the latest dissipation techniques.

The Freezer Tower is the ideal cooler for everyone, since it is compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

Manufactured with high-performance HeatPipe technology, to transfer heat from the copper base to the aluminum sheets, on which the fan is left over.

It has a switch at the top that allows you to configure it in two modes of operation.

The Freezer Tower is designed, both for the quietest work environments, as if your intentions are to squeeze the processor with an overclocking.

We highlight ...
* High compatibility.
* High performance.
* Long lasting bearing system.
* Low noise level.

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