OCZ Vector 180 SSD 960GB SATA3
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OCZ Vector 180 SSD 960GB SATA3

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SIZE 2.5 
KIND Internal 
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OCZ Vector 180 SSDs, developed by the most awarded SSD brand of all time, offer a set of essential functions for the most demanding users who always look for the best in the market. The Vector 180 series is an unprecedented flash storage unit that provides higher performance and greater reliability and durability. Improve everything you previously knew about SSDs.


  • Power Loss Protection:  Protection against loss of energy (PFM) to prevent the "brick drive syndrome" that can occur during a sudden loss of energy.
  • Patented:  Barefoot 3 controller, proprietary OCZ technology, combined with Toshiba's new NAND flash A19nm chip.
  • Solid performance:  The advanced NAND flash management firmware keeps your unit at a superior long-term sustained performance that improves the units of the competition.
  • Includes rated: It  also comes equipped with a 3.5-inch desktop adapter and Acronis® True Image ™ cloning software to easily transfer data from your previous hard drive or SSD.
  • Endurance King:  Excellent durability with up to 50 / GB per day in writing for 5 years perfect for demanding applications and workloads.
  • Superior performance in mixed jobs:  It stands out in compressible and incompressible data types such as multimedia, encryption, .ZIP files and software
  • Ultra Fine:  Cover of an elegant alloy with 7 mm height compatible with latest generation ultralight laptops
  • Secure:  Superior reliability with internal technology and high quality components based on the latest technology

The SSD for the most enthusiastic

If you are looking for the best components for your system ... Here is the SSD you need. The Vector 180 unit was designed to improve first-class storage and perform at its best in higher quality computing environments.

Unbeatable performance

The Vector 180 unit is only suitable for those users looking for the fastest boot, file transfer and system response speed. Say goodbye to any storage delay and enjoy a computer experience that doesn't waste your time.

The perfect example of maximum reliability

The Vector 180 SSD incorporates, in order to achieve maximum reliability, a power loss protection (PFM) technology to protect the hard disk in the event of a power failure and ensure that the system is back in operation as quickly as possible.

Maximum speed. No tricks

The Vector 180 unit offers maximum performance that no other system will give you. No tricks, just pure storage performance.

Reliability and durability from the start

Each SSD Vector 180 incorporates Toshiba technology and has been developed to offer maximum quality and durability with an excellent alloy.

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