Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc
Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc Nox Hummer H-312 - pcpromaroc

Nox Hummer H-312

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Nox Hummer H-312

Nox Hummer H-312

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FAN 1 x 120 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 1155/1150 / 1151,1156, FM2 +, FM2, FM1, AM3 +, AM2 +, AM2, AM4 

The H-312 is the latest 12 cm model in the Hummer series CPU heatsink range, a complete, high-quality solution that combines exceptional performance, quiet operation and excellent compatibility.


  • Intel & AMD compatible
  • 4 copper double heatpipes
  • 120mm H-Fan PWM fan
  • Corners with anti vibration rubber support
  • Easy installation
  • Possibility of installing a second 120mm fan

Performance and efficiency

H-312, is the cooler with 4 6mm copper heatpipes and a huge aluminum heatsink combined to achieve efficient heat dissipation from the CPU. It incorporates an H-Fan PWM fan for convenient automatic speed control through the motherboard.

High cooling capacity

The central aluminum column of the H-312 gives support and firmness to the heatsink. The heatpipes of the H-312 are manufactured with the latest CNC technology to achieve a flat surface and provide direct contact with the CPU surface at the base.

Design without interference

With a slim profile and built at an angle, the H-312 guarantees maximum compatibility with RAM modules. It incorporates a simple and safe mounting system that guarantees perfect contact pressure and maximum comfort in all current sockets.

Excellence in refrigeration

H-Fan PWM provides the H-312 with superb static pressure, excellent heatsink performance and surprising silent operation.

It also incorporates the Hydraulic Bearing bearing system, anti-vibration sticker corners, and a new blade design optimized to obtain superior static pressure and greater performance in terms of air flow. In addition, the H-312 incorporates mounting hooks for the installation of a second fan.

Easy installation for Intel and AMD

The installation is quite simple, since it is possible to install it in a few steps in an agile way. It is only necessary to choose the socket depending on the system, fix it to the plate and place the heatsink with the metal anchors.

2 kg

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