Notebook Cooler SilverStone NB02B
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Notebook Cooler SilverStone NB02B

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MAXIMUM SIZE fifteen "
MATERIAL Aluminum 

The Noble Breeze NB02 is a multifunctional laptop cooler that combines network connection, stereo input / output and USB connectivity in one device.

Its design helps reduce the number of cables on the desktop, increases the capacity for expansion and creates a cooler place to put the laptop.

All this is achieved with a base made of aluminum with an angle of 8 degrees to achieve the best ergonomic positioning and viewing.

The two silent fans of the NB02 can be easily disassembled to ventilate to or from the base of the notebook.

There is also a switch to turn off the fans during times of moderate use.

The NB02 can provide power to charge a mobile phone or the battery of an MP3 even without having the computer connected.

For all those who own many mobile devices in addition to a laptop, the NB02 is a product that must be purchased.

We highlight ...
* Compatible with almost all laptops.
* Lightweight and compact, easy to transport
* Modern, unique and discreet design.
* Angle of 8 degrees for the best ergonomics and viewing angle.
* Two silent fans of 50mm bearings.
* Independent power, provides a high capacity for expansion.
* Includes a 10/100 Base-T (RJ45) network connector.
* Includes audio input / output and microphone connectors.
* Includes five high-speed USB 2.0 ports.

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