Noctua NH-U14S - pcpromaroc
Noctua NH-U14S - pcpromaroc
Noctua NH-U14S - pcpromaroc Noctua NH-U14S - pcpromaroc Noctua NH-U14S - pcpromaroc Noctua NH-U14S - pcpromaroc

CPU cooler Noctua NH-U14S

Nous vous présentons a pcpromaroc CPU cooler Noctua NH-U14S fourni par noctua

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FAN 1 x 150 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 2011,1156,1155 / 1150 / 1151.1150, AMD2, AMD2 +, AM3, AM3 +, FM1, FM2 

The NH-U14S is the top 14 cm model of the classic range of U-series CPU heatsinks from a single Noctua tower, which has received more than 400 awards and international press recommendations. In addition to having a large design and six heatpipes (hot flashes) and a 140mm NF-A15 fan with fully automatic PWM speed control support that allow the heatsink to improve the recognized silent dissipation performance of all models in the range U-series, its slim shape guarantees full compatibility with high RAM modules in the LGA2011 socket. With the SecuFirm2 professional multi-socket mounting system, the effective Noctua NT-H1 thermal composite and a complete 6-year manufacturer warranty, the NH-U14S is a complete, high-quality solution that combines exceptional performance,

award-winning NH-U series The NH-U14S is the first 140mm model of the award-winning NH-U series from Noctua. The NH-U series, which was first introduced in 2005, has become a common choice in high-quality silent CPU heatsinks and has received more than 400 awards and recommendations from leading international hardware magazines and websites .

Full compatibility with RAM in LGA2011
The NH-U14S with a 52 mm design is tailored for the LGA2011 socket and will not protrude above the RAM slots on this platform, thus ensuring complete compatibility with all memory modules. On some LGA115x and AMD motherboards, the front fan can protrude above the first RAM slot, so when it is necessary to use this first slot, you must choose RAM of standard height (up to 30mm).

Reasonable size for better overall compatibility
At 165 mm high, the NH-U14S is small enough to fit most modern high-end boxes. The 150mm wide NH-U14S (including the fan and its hooks) provides better compatibility with SLI and CrossFire installations compared to tower heatsinks whose width is greater than 150mm or with those using fans over 150mm.

Noctua NF-A15 PWM fan
The NF-A15 is a high-quality, round-frame 140mm silent fan that complies with the Noctua AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimization) standard. Since it has its own characteristics of a sophisticated aerodynamic design such as Flow Acceleration Channels, the NF-A15 increases the recognized silent dissipation performance of the NF-P14 that has been so awarded.

Support for PWM and Low-Noise Adapter
The 140 mm NF-A15 with NH-U14S supports PWM for convenient automatic speed control through the motherboard. In addition, the maximum fan speed can be reduced from 1500 to 1200 rpm using the Low-Noise Adapter (Noise Reduction Adapter) supplied for even quieter operation.

Anti-vibration panels and adjustment hooks for a second NF-A15 fan
For users who want to achieve better performance by adding a second NF-A15 fan to create a configuration that puts air in and out at the same time, the NH-U14S includes hooks fan adjustment and an extra set of specially designed anti-vibration panels that allow the rear fan to be spaced 5 mm to improve acoustics in configurations with two fans.

SecuFirm2 mounting system
Noctua SecuFirm2 assembly systems have become synonymous with quality, safety and ease of use. With support for Intel LGA115x (LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156), LGA2011 and AMD (AM3 +, AM2 +, FM1, FM2), the SecuFirm2 mounting system included with the NH-U14S ensures perfect contact pressure and maximum comfort in all current sockets.

Compatibility with old and future connectors
The NH-U14S that meets the SecuFirm open standard can be made compatible with the classic LGA1366 and LGA775 connectors using the optional NM-I3 mounting kit, which Noctua offers free. If technically possible, Noctua also provides upgrade kits for future connectors.

NT-H1 thermal paste
After receiving more than 100 awards and recommendations from journalists specialized in hardware from around the world, the Noctua NT-H1 is a proven professional TIM (thermal interface material) solution that provides minimal thermal resistance, excellent ease of use and a exceptional reliability

6 years warranty
Noctua products are known for their impeccable quality and long service life. Like all Noctua fans, the NF-A15 has an MTBF (average time before the first fault) of more than 150,000 hours and the entire NH-US14S pack comes with a full 6-year manufacturer warranty.

Features  · Full compatibility with RAM memory in LGA2011
 · Classic tower type size of 120 mm for excellent overall compatibility
 · NF-A15 140mm fan with PWM
 · Excellent component cooling
 · SecuFirm2 ™ for LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1150 & AM2 / AM2 + / AM3 / AM3 + / FM1 / FM2
 · SecuFirm2 multisocket mounting system

Material  · Copper (base and heat-pipes), aluminum (cooling fins), welded joints, nickel plated

Ventilation1  x NF-A15 PWM

Speed  · Standard: 1500 RPM
 · With LNA: 1200 RPM

Air flow  · Standard: 140.2 m3 / h
 · With LNA: 115.5 m3 / h

Sound level  · Standard: 24.6 dBA
 · With LNA: 19.2 dBA

Dimensions165  x 150 x 52 mm (without fan)
 165 x 150 x 78 mm (with fan)

Weight  · 770 g (without fan)
 · 935 g (with fan)

Compatible CPU  · Intel LGA2011 (Square ILM), LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1150
 · AMD, AM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, FM1, FM2 (backplate required)

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