Noctua NF-P12 1300RPM PWM - pcpromaroc
Noctua NF-P12 1300RPM PWM - pcpromaroc
Noctua NF-P12 1300RPM PWM - pcpromaroc Noctua NF-P12 1300RPM PWM - pcpromaroc

Ventilateur Noctua NF-P12 1300RPM PWM

Nous vous présentons a pcpromaroc Ventilateur Noctua NF-P12 1300RPM PWM fourni par noctua

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RPM MAX 1300 

Specifically designed for high-demand applications, such as CPU cooling, the classic 120mm NF-P12 fan   has helped build Noctua's reputation as a premier manufacturer of top-quality silent cooling components, and still impresses to users with its exquisite silence and spectacular performance. The new PWM version   integrates the new PWM IC, with custom design, to provide complete automatic control and ultra-reduced energy consumption. Equipped with SSO bearings   and a 6-year manufacturer's warranty, the NF-P12 PWM is a first-line choice for the highest demands.

Proven NF-P12 design

Tens of thousands of silent cooling enthusiasts have blind faith in the classic NF-P12 from Noctua. Its impressive silence, excellent performance and impeccable quality, proven in the long term, have made the P12 the first choice for silent cooling of 120 mm.

Design of nine optimized pressure blades

Designed specifically for high impedance applications such as CPU heatsinks, liquid cooling radiators or boxes with narrow fan grilles, the NF-P12 provides superior pressure and higher performance in terms of air flow.

Vortex-Control Fentes

The Vortex-Control Notches (vortex control notches), Noctua's identity sign, divide the vortexes of the shaft ends and, therefore, extend the sound emission of the fan over a wider frequency range. This measure makes the sound of the NF-P12 PWM more pleasant to the human ear.

PWM IC custom design with SCD

By providing fully automatic PWM speed control, the NF-P12 PWM uses the new custom design NE-FD1 PWM IC that integrates SCD (Smooth Commutation Drive) technology. By providing more fluid torsion pulses, SCD suppresses switching noises and, therefore, makes the fan quieter at low speeds.

Ultra-low energy consumption

The NF-P12 only consumes 0.6 W, less than 50% of what other PWM fans consume. This not only makes it greener, but also reduces the electricity bill: Compared to a typical 2 W fan, it saves approximately half the price of the NF-P12 after 5 years of continuous use.

Noise Reduction Adapter

The NF-P12 PWM is equipped with a noise reduction adapter (LNA) that reduces the maximum fan speed from 1300 to 900 rpm. The LNA can be used well for the fan to operate at a fixed speed of 900 rpm or to limit the maximum speed when automatic PWM control is used.

Extensive wiring options

The 20 cm main short fan cable minimizes cable buildup in typical applications, while the included 30 cm extension cable provides greater reach when necessary. Both cables are fully meshed and a 4-pin Y-shaped cable allows a second PWM fan to be connected to the same fan connector for automatic control.

SSO Bearing Bearings

The combination of the efficient concept of hydrodynamic bearings with an additional magnet that supports the self-stabilization of the rotor shaft makes the Noctua SSO-Bearing technology proven to be a synonym for extremely quiet operation and exceptional long-term stability.


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