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Hauppauge Colossus Capture

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CAPTURE 1080i 
BAHIA HD 2.5 "
  • Record high definition video using H.264 video encoding with digital audio. Colossus is a normal-height PCI Express card, and it works with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • Includes high-quality high-quality H.264 decoder hardware, for high performance, high-quality video recordings
  • Record high definition video up to 1080i resolution. It also records standard definition video. Recording at speeds from 1Mbs to 20Mbs.
  • Record your game in high definition (up to 1080i) by component video and digital (optical) audio from Xbox360 or PS3 game consoles.
  • Record your favorite HDTV programs on cable television and satellite decoders. Colossus connects to high-definition cable television and satellite television receivers for component video and optical digital audio. It also supports stereo audio inputs.
  • Record your games or your favorite TV shows on high-definition AVCHD discs using the DVD standard. These AVCHD discs can be played on a Blu-ray DVD player. Up to 2 hours of AVCHD high-definition video at 5MBits / sec can record on standard DVD-R discs.
  • Create high definition recordings that can be played on the Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Includes the Hauppauge WinTV v7 TV application for the automatic recording of television programs from cable or satellite decoders.
  • Includes ArcSoft ShowBiz to record console games. Burn HD discs or load console games in HD to YouTube.
  • Supports NTSC and PAL
  • Include HDMI input port. If you have an unencrypted HDMI video source, such as a DSLR camera, you can record directly from this source.
    Note: Most cable and satellite television receivers are not compatible without encrypting HDMI video.
  • It includes IR emitter and infrared receiver / learning cable. Colossus can "learn" the remote control of your cable or satellite television and can automatically change the channel in the decoder. 


  • Hardware Coding
    • H.264 AVCHD video encoder
    • Recording in AC-3 of AC-3 sources
    • AAC audio coding of PCM sources
    • Recording speeds: from 1 to 20 Mbps / sec (user selectable in the ArcSoft ShowBiz application)
    • Recording Format:
      • up to 1080i in component video (YUV or YPrPb)
      • NTSC: 720p60, 1080i60, 480i60, 480p60
      • PAL: 720p50, 1080i50, 576p50, 576i50, 480p50, 480i50
        Note: The video input format determines the recording format. For example, the input records at 1080i 1080i, 720P to 720P, etc. All other format conversions to be done with the MediaConvert program (supplied).
    • NTSC or PAL compatible
  • System requirements
    Note: when playing video recordings made with the Colossus, a fast CPU and at least 256 MB of graphics memory are required.
    • Processor requirements (minimum for HD playback): 2.0GHz dual core CPU or faster
    • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits), Windows Vista or Windows XP Service Pack 2 (32-bit)
    • Graphics card with 256 MB of memory (or more)
    • PCI Express slot x1
    • Sound card for audio playback
    • CD-ROM to install the Colossus software
  • Software applications
    • ArcSoft "ShowBiz" for video recording and the creation and recording of your TV recordings on a DVD-compatible Blu-ray disc
    • Hauppauge WinTV v7 application, with support for remote control of Hauppauge and IR Blaster
  • Inputs and outputs
    Note: Component and HDMI video input sources are limited to 1080i
    • A / V input cable with adapter for:
      • Component video input
      • RCA audio input Left / Right
    • A / V output cable with adapter for video and audio loop:
      • Component video output
      • RCA audio output Left / Right
    • Optical audio output with adapter for audio loop:
    • HDMI input (Note: for use with unencrypted sources of HDMI video)
    • IR Blaster output
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