Grid + Magnetic filter SilverStone FF141B
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Grid + Magnetic filter SilverStone FF141B

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Dust can be the worst enemy of a computer system as it has the potential to reduce cooling capacity or cause damage when allowed to accumulate. On the other hand, most fan filters are complicated to install, so Silverstone created the FF141 fan filter, easy to use and install. It has a magnet included in its structure to be able to stick to any steel structure without tools.

Its 140mm size is also compatible with most 120mm openings, so it can be used in many places that require a filter. For those who want to reduce dust and thus improve the longevity of the components together with greater cooling efficiency, the FF141 is an excellent purchase.

Apart from filtering the dust, the grid of the FF141 can reduce the noise associated with air turbulence.

We highlight ...
* Useful magnetized design for simple installation.
* Its fine filter greatly reduces dust.
* Compatible with most 140mm fans and openings.


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