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Gelid ICYPad

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Gelid ICYPad

Gelid ICYPad

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Gelid ICYPad, it is a "Universal Cooler" that serves to cool any small device, such as a router, switch, video consoles, etc ...

Thanks to its slim design and its light weight, just 112gr, we can take our cooler where we need.

It is made of plastic, the front in black colo and incorporates a pair of green non-slip rubber strips so that our device remains stable, and the back has a nice white finish.

It has an 80x10mm fan capable of providing sufficient cooling to our disposal and thus avoid possible overheating. In addition the fan has ball bearing, which make the life of this cooler about 60,000 hours.

The fan speed is 2200RPM, which generates an air flow of 17CFM, with a low noise level of 22dBA.

Gelid ICYPad is powered through a USB port or through the included power adapter.

We highlight ...
* Cooler Universal, compatible with many devices.
* Slim design. 166.4mm x 110mm x 23mm.
* Very light: 112gr.
* Silent operation: 22 dBA.
* Includes an 80x10mm fan at 2200RPM.
* Air flow: 17CFM.
* It can be powered directly by USB or thanks to the included power adapter.


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