Fan Cooler Master Turbine Master 120x120x25 800rpm
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Fan Cooler Master Turbine Master 120x120x25 800rpm

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RPM MAX 800 

This new Coolermaster fan uses the same Excalibur bearing system, but it has increased the number of its blades and reduced the frame to capture more air at a lower spin rate.

In its design it has 16 blades specially designed to capture air from all positions and thus, offer greater air flow at lower turns. In addition, the framework has been significantly lowered to help achieve this effect.

It includes Baromeytric Ball Bearing (BBB) ​​technology in its bearing system, obtaining greater reliability and a longer life. This bearing system allows you to disassemble the fan, separating the rotor blades easily and allowing both parts to be washed.

We highlight ...
* New design with greater number of blades.
* Easy to disassemble the fan for cleaning.
* Includes rubber bumpers to reduce the sound level.
* It can be fed directly by the power supply.

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