Fan BE QUIET ShadowWings PWM 120x120 18,9dB
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Fan BE QUIET ShadowWings PWM 120x120 18,9dB

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RPM MAX 1500 

ShadowWings are the intermediate and largest range of fans of be quiet !, where virtually all the important features that have made the brand so famous are incorporated, but removing certain details that could be classified as luxury.

They integrate the chosen bearing system, high quality Bearing Rifle, which makes them silent and very reliable (up to 200,000 hours of continuous operation) even at a high speed.

The special design of their blades, makes them very efficient (they are able to generate more air turning at the same speed as others) and helps reduce the noise generated by the movement of the air itself.

The fan motor controller has specific electronics to reduce the electrical level of the fan.

The mounting system without screws and with rubber, helps to reduce the mechanical sound level transmitted by the fan itself and helps its assembly. With the fan all rubber parts are included for installation without the need for screws.

And if this were not enough, it includes a rubber front frame that reduces the transmission of fan vibrations.

They have a very wide operating range, since they are capable of operating from 5V.

We highlight ...
* PWM.
* Bearing Rifle Bearing System.
* Special design of your blades.
* Mounting system without screws.

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