Dynatron K2 1156 Active Mini-ITX
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Dynatron K2 1156 Active Mini-ITX

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FAN 1 x 75 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 1155/1150 / 1151,1156 

Designed to be used in rack-type or special-format boxes, which due to its dimensions require the use of a low-profile cooler that provides efficient performance in a small space.

This cooler is indicated for very low profile equipment and HTPCs, socket 1156.

Its base is made of copper, with dissipation sheets also beveled copper.

It includes a 75mm fan, only 15mm wide, regulated by PWM.

Its fixing is done using screws and complies with Rohs regulations.

We highlight ...
* Low profile.
* Base and copper sheets.
* PWM regulated fan included.

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