Coollaboratory Liquid PRO for copper heatsinks - pcpromaroc
Coollaboratory Liquid PRO for copper heatsinks - pcpromaroc

Coollaboratory Liquid PRO for copper heatsinks

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It is liquid at room temperature (such as mercury), but it is 100% harmless (non-toxic) and has the characteristic of being able to wet different surfaces composed of various types of materials.

Coollaboratory Liquid Pro does not contain anything other than metallic materials or solid products (as is the case with putties or oxides). Due to these properties, it offers better results than the products of its competition.

Coollaboratory Liquid Pro has won countless awards in the specialized press.

We highlight ...
* Ease of use.
* Benefits.
* Composition

1. Collaboratory Liquid PRO is a very conductive material for both heat and electricity. Pay close attention to your application. Use only the right one and avoid coming into contact with other components of your board. CLICK ON LINK
2. Collaborative Liquid PRO should be used ONLY with copper heatsinks. IN NO EVENT should you use it with aluminum heatsinks.

3. To answer any questions, go to the manual in Spanish.

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