Cooler for VGA Prolimatech MK-13
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Cooler for VGA Prolimatech MK-13

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The design of this heatsink for graphics cards has also been calculated mathematically to achieve the best cooling results. The shape and arrangement of the base, the heat-pipe tubes, the thickness and arrangement of the dissipation sheets, etc ...

Complementing the Prolimatech MK-13 base, the kit necessary to mount one or more fans that will dissipate is included the heat that our VGA generates. The curious thing about this kit is that the fans are not mounted on the MK-13 base, but will be attached to the back of our chassis avoiding increasing the weight that the VGA supports unnecessarily.

Another curiosity of the kit is the immense range of mounting possibilities that it offers us, being able to install fans of 90, 120 or 140mm and being able to choose from using a single fan of 140mm shared in a double card system to be able to install up to 4 fans of 120mm For a single card.

The MK-13 does not include fans, to give the user the option to choose the one that best suits their needs.
You can choose fans of 90, 120 or 140mm but always 25mm.

It includes six 6mm thick heat-pipe tubes that distribute heat in the heatsink sheets arranged so that air flow easily circulates through the heatsink body.

It has been calculated so that, by adding a fan with a speed between 800 and 1600 rpm, the heatsink achieves the best level of efficiency without generating turbulence between the blades.

We highlight ...
* Passive system.
* Includes kit for mounting fans.
* 6 Heat-Pipe tubes.

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