Cooler VGA NV Silencer3 (Arctic-Cooling)
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Cooler VGA NV Silencer3 (Arctic-Cooling)

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It includes a 2.5mm copper sheet for contact with the microphone, achieving better cooling performance and low noise.
It has a silent fan of 72 mm, which uses the Arctic Ceramic Bearing type bearing system, which gives it a useful life of 274,000 hours.
It has the DEHS (Direct Heat Exhaust System) system, which attracts cold air from inside the box and expels the heat to the outside, preventing the fan from recycling the hot air to cool. In this way, it helps reduce the temperature inside.
Simple installation

We highlight ... * DEHS System (Direct Heat Exhaust System) * Simple installation
* Design.
* Cooling capacity.
* Includes silent fan.

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