Cooler VGA Accelero X1 for nVidia
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Cooler VGA Accelero X1 for nVidia

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Extremely silent A large optimized fan offers a minimum level of noise in a high air flow. With Fluid Dynamic Bearing bearings that reduce friction and keep the noise level to a minimum.

It incorporates 6 Heat-Pipe tubes.

Patented vibration absorption. The motor support consists of a rubber piece in the center to act as a vibration damper. It can help absorb the vibration of the operating fan and prevent the transmission of vibrations to the heat sink

Easy installation. The refrigerator is installed in a matter of seconds.

Long service life of 400,000 hours, provided by the type of bearing used.

Compatible with nVidia graphics cards.

We highlight ...
* Design.
* Cooling capacity.
* Silent fan.
* Simple installation.
* Heat-pipe technology.
* Long useful life.

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