Cooler SilverStone NT05
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Cooler SilverStone NT05

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FAN 1 x 70 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 754,939,940 

The Nitrogon NT05 is really an excellent cooler.

Although its total dimensions are small enough to fit in any box, its dissipation capacity exceeds larger coolers.

To achieve this, the NT05 heatsink gathers a huge amount of aluminum (63) and copper (43) sheets that increase the dissipation surface. All the sheets have been placed to take full advantage of a calculated air flow generated by the fan, maximizing heat dissipation.

Three high-performance U-shaped Heat-Pipes distribute heat throughout all parts of the heatsink.

To accompany this great heatsink, an efficient 70mm fan is included with a speed adjustment system of the same ideal to complete

We highlight ...
* Hybrid aluminum and copper construction.
* Designer with heat-pipes of great power.
* Compatible with P4 LGA775, and Athlon 64.
* Ideal for large processors such as Pentium XE 3.46GHz, Athlon 64FX-60 and above.
* Includes a fan speed regulator.

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