Cooler SilverStone NT04
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Cooler SilverStone NT04

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FAN 1 x 80 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 754,939,940 

Designed for AMD processors that use 754/939/940 sockets, the NT04 is a lightweight and efficient CPU cooler capable of dissipating up to 100W of heat.

This incredible dissipation capacity in such a light cooler has been possible thanks to the careful design of the aluminum structure of its heatsink and combining it with a completely redesigned aluminum fan.

With dimensions compact enough to fit most small boxes, the NT04 will be a very useful and versatile cooler for AMD users.

We highlight ...
* Lightweight all-aluminum cooler.
* Standard dimensions.
* Aluminum fan with open frames designed to offer high performance at a low noise level.
* Designed for AMD K8 Socket 754, 939, 940.
* Supports up to Athlon 64 4000+.

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