Cooler SilverStone NT02
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Cooler SilverStone NT02

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FAN 1 x 80 mm 
TYPE OF SOCKET 478,775,754,939,940 

The Nitrogon NT02 is a cooler created to achieve the perfect balance between performance, silent cooling and compatibility.

Using a design of Heat Pipes of high performance, our engineers have managed to reduce the number of heat pipes used, achieving similar performance to other coolers with greater number of them and greater weight.

Combined with the excellent FM82 fan and a strategically placed aluminum heatsink, the NT02 can provide first-order CPU cooling for any application.

We highlight ...
* Hybrid copper & aluminum construction.
* Designed with superior heat pipe.
* Compatible with P4 Socket 478, LGA775, and Athlon 64.
* For use with P4 Prescott 3.6GHz / AMD64 4000+ and higher.
* High quality SilverStone FM82 fan included.

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