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Cooler Master Comforter Air Black

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Cooler Master Comforter Air Black

Cooler Master Comforter Air Black

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Cooler Master Comforter Air Black, cooling base for laptops with an original design, combines a comfortable cushion with a fan.

It allows us to place the laptop on the legs, keeping it at the right temperature. Now you can sit on your bed or on the couch with total comfort when talking with friends, doing work, or watching TV.

Ideal for people who make continuous use of the equipment, but do not always sit at a desk.

The area in which the silent 100mm fan is located can be removed, remaining independent of the cushion. The fan has a rotation speed of 1200RPM, which generates a sound level of only 21dBA. It is compatible with laptops up to 15.6 ”, even with the iPad. We highlight ...

The integrated USB cable has a guide to be correctly placed.

* Cooling base for laptops up to 15.6 ".
* It has a rigorous design designed for use without a desk.
* Includes a removable 100mm fan.
* Low noise level, 21dBA.
* Its surface with holes is designed to optimize ventilation.
* Ideal for people who make continuous use of the equipment.
* It has an organizer for the USB cable, located at the bottom of the unit.

2 kg

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