BitFenix ​​Specter Pro RGB 120mm + Controller - pcpromaroc
BitFenix ​​Specter Pro RGB 120mm + Controller - pcpromaroc
BitFenix ​​Specter Pro RGB 120mm + Controller - pcpromaroc BitFenix ​​Specter Pro RGB 120mm + Controller - pcpromaroc BitFenix ​​Specter Pro RGB 120mm + Controller - pcpromaroc

Ventilateur BitFenix ​​Specter Pro RGB 120mm + Controller

Nous vous présentons a pcpromaroc Ventilateur BitFenix ​​Specter Pro RGB 120mm + Controller fourni par Bitfenix

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RPM MAX 1200 

We present to you at pcpromaroc the Bitfenix Specter Pro RGB fans generate high static pressure and are particularly quiet due to the specially shaped rotor blades. Its RGB lighting can be controlled through the supplied controller and is compatible with ASUS Aura Sync motherboards. Therefore, it can also be configured through the Aura Sync software and synchronized with other RGB components.

The Specter Pro RGB blades are designed to minimize air turbulence with intensive noise. The double frame design, which places the fan in its own frame inside the outer frame, also reduces the transmission of vibrations. When hydrodynamic plain bearings are used, they are characterized by great softness and durability.

The fan hub is equipped with particularly bright and durable TriBright RGB LEDs, which produce an impressive halo effect thanks to the transparent material of the rotor and the scatter ring. The controller has a small wired remote control that can be freely placed in the housing and at the press of a button through seven different colors and the lighting effects can change.

The controller and remote control are conveniently equipped with magnets for coupling. If the fan is connected directly to an ASUS motherboard with a 4-pin RGB header, color tones and effects can be synchronized with compatible RGB components and controlled centrally through the ASUS Aura Sync software.



  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm (width x height x depth)
  • Color: black (frame), transparent-white (rotor / scatter ring)
  • Volume: 18.9 dB (A)
  • Speed: 1,200 rpm
  • Delivery volume: 95 m³ / h
  • Static pressure: 1.24 mm-H2O
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Start voltage: 5V
  • Connections: 
    1x 4 pins (RGB) 
    1x 3 pins (power supply)
  • Connection (controller): 4-pole molex
  • Illumination: 5050 TriBright SMD

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