BitFenix ​​Specter 230mm Black - pcpromaroc
BitFenix ​​Specter 230mm Black - pcpromaroc
BitFenix ​​Specter 230mm Black - pcpromaroc BitFenix ​​Specter 230mm Black - pcpromaroc BitFenix ​​Specter 230mm Black - pcpromaroc BitFenix ​​Specter 230mm Black - pcpromaroc

BitFenix ​​Specter 230mm Black

202,00 DH 202 HT
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RPM MAX 1000 

Introducing the BitFenix ​​™ Fan Specter Series. Designed for both quiet operation and maximum air flow, Specter will keep your entire system well ventilated, without making it sound like an airplane hangar. Specter fans are designed with sickle fan blades, which improve air flow without producing excessive noise. Dynamic fluid bearings reduce friction for long life and quiet operation, while an attractive matte finish gives your entire system a look that is unsurpassed

Silent operation
BitFenix ​​Specter fans are designed to cool silently, so you can keep your mind focused on the task at hand.
The improved air flow
Specter fans feature sickle fan blades, which create an torrent of air without creating excess noise. This means that your system stays cool in the heat of battle without disturbing your computing environment.

All black or all white
Specter fans come in two colors and a wide range of sizes. Choose All Black or all white to achieve the ultimate look for your gaming platform, and with various sizes to choose from, you can be sure to find a fan that fits.
Fluid Dynamic Bearings
FDB technology keeps things running smoothly by reducing friction for long life and quiet operation.
Aggressive appearance
Non-Specter LED fans are made of thermoplastic crystalline polymer, which gives it a luxurious matte finish. Made with quality materials, Specter keeps the system looking great.

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