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Aerocool DreamBox

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Dream Box is a revolutionary DIY kit created by Aerocool to give you the flexibility to build a computer case like no other!

In addition, you can do anything you want with this DIY kit. You can create a table, a lamp, a cup holder, a clothes rack, a toy and the list goes on and on.

There are no limitations !! THE ONLY LIMITATION IS YOUR IMAGINATION !! Have fun with the kit

“Dream Box” Make your own creations and make your dreams come true.



DreamBox is composed of a total of 188 components that will allow you to play, experiment and make your own creations.

Includes 17 50mm aluminum tubes, 12 more than 150mm and another 8 of 200mm. It also has 245mm and 395mm metal beams, as well as support for PSU and multipurpose.

Experiment with joints and shapes with joints of different materials that will make possible the connections between tubes in multiple directions and with different angles. Of course, rings, I / O unit and gasket cover are included in the set.

Component Explanation

  • ALUMINUM TUBE:  The aluminum tube is available in three lengths (50 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm). The aluminum tubes together constitute the main framework of their creation. Be sure to plan ahead before starting assembly. Once you have gained more experience with the Dream Box parts, you can trim the aluminum tubes to a certain length for your particular creation.
  • METAL BEAM:  The metal beam comes in two lengths (245mm and 395mm) and allows the bridges between two pieces together with a combination of rings. Metal beams are vital parts for mounting base plates, optical drives and hard drives (if you intend to build a PC) or simply use them as a support beam.
  • PSU SUPPORT:  You can mount a power supply unit of your creation (if you intend to build a PC), simply by squeezing this support to your power supply in combination with rings.
  • MULTIPURPOSE SUPPORT:  This right angle bracket acts as an extension or a bridge to join two pieces or components. In our example, we use it to hold one side with a ring and the other side to secure a graphics card so that the card does not hang freely in the air.
  • I / O UNIT:  This unit provides the ON / OFF and RESET switch, microphone and headphone connections, 2.0 connectors and two USB 3.0 two USB connections. This unit can be mounted on an aluminum tube with two c-rings.
  • RINGS:  This is one of the most critical part in the Dream Box package. C-rings make the assembly of parts and the creation of accessories possible. These C-rings also allow two completely different units to be linked into a single structure.
  • 4-WAY GASKET:  This joint allows connection with aluminum tubes in four directions.
  • 3-WAY JOINT:  This joint allows connection with aluminum pipes in three directions.
  • JOINT 2 WAYS OF 90 °:  This joint allows the connection with aluminum tubes in two directions at 90º angle.
  • JOINT 2 WAYS OF 130 °:  This joint allows the connection with aluminum tubes in two directions at 135º angle. 
  • JOINT 2-WAY 180 °:  This joint allows the connection with aluminum tubes in two directions at 180º angle.
  • SEAL COVER:  You can use this plug to close the unused part of a joint. It can also become the foot of a structure.

A Dream Box is enough to build: 

  • PC
  • Helicopter
  • Wild board

Other structures need more or less Magic Box units, for example:

  • Coat rack 
  • Coasters 
  • Key structure
  • Interesting lamps 
  • Decorative creations
11 kg

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