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24 '' Eizo ColorEdge CS2420 monitor

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24 '' Eizo ColorEdge CS2420 monitor

24 '' Eizo ColorEdge CS2420 monitor

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QHD / 4K / UHD
FORMAT 4: 3/5: 4

We present the Eizo ColorEdge CS2420 monitor at pcpromaroc. The features you need to shape your creativity with an elegant and friendly design. Let your creativity fly with this ideal monitor for amateurs and advanced users. Characterized by an elegant and friendly design and many other advanced features of the new EIZO ColorEdge range, enjoy digitally creating and editing photographs, illustrations and much more.

Excellent quality and sharp images

The monitor offers an excellent contrast ratio of 1,000 high resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels): 1 and a brightness of 350 cd / m2. In this way, structures and graphics can be processed with great precision. The contours of the characters are clear and crisp. The LCD module with IPS technology (wide range) allows a viewing angle 178 for viewing without loss of chromaticity and contrast even from the sides.

EIZO microchip

The CS2420 model has a high complexity circuit (ASIC, Specific Application Integrated Circuit), specifically made by Eizo to respond specifically to high level reproduction needs. A special algorithm ensures consistent representation, exact and stable color.

Wide range - suitable for printing and RAW

Using still images in RGB RAW or Adobe format cannot give up a wide range of colors. WideGamut color space covers 99% of Adobe RGB space. In the event that RAW photos are converted to Adobe RGB format, the monitor will then be able to reproduce them absolutely correctly and congruently. The deep blue sky and the deep green of the forest will be represented by correspondence - unlike monitors that have only the sRGB color space. Also in the printing process, EIZO monitors offer many advantages and almost completely cover the CMYK color space (such as ISO and US Web Coated). Seeing the print results directly on the monitor means considerable time savings for professional users.

Look Up Table

The three-dimensional table provides to deal with all colors with great precision, providing exceptionally accurate color reproduction. The brightness level varies from module LCD module in relation to the image signal and the addition of the colors red, green and blue. This can only be detected with the help of special measuring devices. Why EIZO is committed to carefully calibrate and set the color characteristics of ColorEdge monitors directly below the factory. If it does, a consistent consistent and unified color temperature is achieved on each CG277 monitor.

Professional calibration with EIZO ColorNavigator

Optimal calibration can only be achieved with a well calibrated monitor. A Calibration through the software is very laborious and requires a deep knowledge of color management. The CS2420 monitor has supplied the ColorNavigator calibration software. In a short time, even the most novice user can calibrate the monitor. Advanced users have the possibility to individually adjust the brightness, gamma and white point values ​​and define additional target parameters. And since the calibration is performed by the monitor hardware there is no loss of quality. The CS2420 monitor adapts with great flexibility in existing systems.

Uniform tonal value across the screen

Pixel by pixel, the Digital Uniform Equalizer (DUE) function manages the tonal values ​​of the screen through the display area. The chromaticity is the same at each point of the screen surface, without presenting oscillations. The two function also compensates for variations or irregularities caused by changes in the temperature and brightness of the environment. In this way, the monitor ensures a uniform and homogeneous light density and maximum chromatic purity. An aspect that is particularly important in photo editing.

10-bit depths: a billion colors with fine gradations

The 10-bit color reproduction makes use of the 16-bit color table and sees a rich color spectrum, much higher compared to an 8-bit monitor. Gradations are more precise and more refined transitions. Important for post-production: the extended gray scale is capable of representing a greater number of gray tones from 6 to 14%.

Work without flickering

The monitor is free of fluctuation effects, regardless of the adjusted brightness parameters. This is made possible by the hybrid backlight technology conceived by EIZO. This new technology is combined with electronic management to the DC current in the pulse width modulation PWM (Plus width modulation) (direct current). To safeguard the health of the eyes and work comfortably.

One monitor, the many connections

Simpler than you can't: most devices such as PC, laptop or a digital camera can be connected directly to the monitor that offers many different inputs and therefore makes it more convenient for content management

Ergonomic and stable: the adjustable stand

Ergonomic and stable: the monitor's height-adjustable support allows many practical adjustments. The monitor can be tilted, turned and adjusted in height, in the most comfortable position for your back, shoulders and neck avoiding posture problems. E 'can raise the screen by exercising a simple push up or lower it to the base of the pedestal (varies by model) and place it at the correct height, with the upper edge of the screen at eye level.

Correct color reproduction - factory setting

The brightness of the LCD panels can vary from one module to another in relation to the input signal and the addition of the colors red, green and blue and can only be measured by special measuring devices. Precisely for this reason the tonal characteristics of the CS2420 monitors are carefully calibrated during production. The color and tone curve values ​​are set at 343 reference points to obtain a completely accurate representation of gray levels and a stable color temperature.

Accurate and fast - hardware calibration

The supplied ColorNavigator software interacts directly with the color chart on the monitor. The user just has to adjust the color temperature, brightness, black level and tone curve to suit his needs. The calibration is then quickly and fully automatically, based on factory preset parameters ad hoc, and offering a unique color accuracy.


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